How would you describe the work culture and environment at The So Cal Group?

  • “The So Cal Group’s company culture is growth obsessed and leadership focused. The management team puts a huge focus on each employee’s personal and professional growth and development. The atmosphere is fun and team oriented.” -Sandy
  • “The culture at The So Cal Group is that of a championship team. We work together to achieve a common goal. It’s much more fun to celebrate a win with a team than it is to celebrate by yourself. Have you seen the team who wins the World Series!?” -Taylor
  • “The So Cal Group team is filled with fun, energetic, growing people. It’s easy to be motivated.” -Mehmet
  • “The work culture and environment is awesome at The So Cal Group! Everyone is so friendly and there for one another. Each person pushes one another to succeed.” -Westin
  • “The culture and environment are super fun; the team is motivated and they have a great learning environment.” -Steven
  • “The atmosphere is very energetic and engaging at The So Cal Group. I feel as if I have a solid support system.” -Julius
  • “At The So Cal Group, it’s all about work AND fun. We work hard here, and also have fun while doing it.” -Darryl

How have you participated in giving back with The So Cal Group, and what have you learned from those experiences?

  •  “I participated in giving food to the homeless on Skid Row, Fundraising for CHOC, and also a Thanksgiving food drive for needy families and I realized what an impact even a small group can make” -Nick
  • “I’ve participated in many of The So Cal Group’s Giving Back events: Feeding Skid Row; Fundraising for CHOC; Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure; Serving Thanksgiving to The Boys and Girls Club; charity basketball, volleyball and dodge ball tournaments; and volunteering for several years at The Boys and Girls Club Silent Auction and Gala. What I’ve learned is the importance of using our time, energy and resources for good in the community.” -Sandy
  • “I have participated in both events last fall (canned food drive and toy drive) and to see the joy on a child’s face when they receive a toy on Christmas is priceless. And I believe that if you have money and resources, it is your duty to give back to the community.” –Westin