How have you grown both personally and professionally since joining The So Cal Group team?

  • “Entering the Account Executive position at The So Cal Group with years of management experience gave me the ability to appreciate growth within a company. I never thought my development here would be personally as well as professionally. The So Cal Group really focuses on an individual’s ability to have balance in their life. They teach a lot about time management, utilizing the Franklin Covey System as a crucial tool. Identifying the important tasks or people to focus on in any given week or month is just the beginning. I feel the impact it has had on my life at home as well as at work. My life feels organized as opposed to before when important things became urgent and rushed.” -Cherokii
  • “I think the most important thing I have learned while working with The So Cal Group is how to have a more successful mindset. Growing up, I think we’re often taught us to “go to school, and then get a good job,” but after college graduation I realized that it’s not that easy. I realized that employers were looking for much more than just a degree. The So Cal Group has provided me with the skills necessary to excel in any endeavor I take on in the future. Some important skills have been Franklin Covey Priority Management, personal budgeting and finance, sales and negotiation skills, social awareness, human resources, payroll, and coaching and development of others.” -Sandy
  • “Since joining The So Cal Group team, I’ve grown personally by becoming more confident and able to adapt to many situations. Professionally, I’ve learned the importance of work relationships and how to run a successful business.” -Molly
  •  “While being at The So Cal Group, I’ve grown in so many ways. I have done things and accomplished goals I never thought I could achieve.” -Darryl
  • “Since joining The So Cal Group team, I’ve become more goal oriented and driven. I love the direction the company has given me.” -Julius
  • “Personally I have learned how to spend quality time on whatever I am doing. Professionally I have learned a higher level of work ethic.” -Austin

How does The So Cal Group encourage you to “give back” to the community?

  • “The So Cal Group gives many opportunities to participate in non-profit events including The Boys and Girls Club, Operation Smile, canned food drives, and feeding the homeless on Skid Row.” -Nick
  • “The So Cal Group regularly organizes and participates in events giving back to the community. One of my favorites has been working with The Boys and Girls Club. With trips to Six Flags, volunteering at their community center, serving Thanksgiving dinner to them with the Lakers, or volunteering at their annual Silent Auction and Fundraiser Gala- it’s always nice to make an impact on the youth of the community.” -Sandy
  • “The So Cal Group teaches you the value of being a good community member. The feeling of helping someone out always boosts your confidence. It makes you want to continue helping elsewhere.” -Steven

What type of person would thrive at The So Cal Group?

  • “The type of person that would thrive at The So Cal Group is someone that constantly likes to grow and learn new things on a daily basis.” -Molly
  • “The type of person who would thrive at The So Cal Group is a go getter with a sports background that wants to move through a company based on performance. It’s great for someone who wants to learn business.” -Nick
  • “The type of person who would thrive in The So Cal Group’s Leadership Development Program is competitive, driven, and social. I think it’s most important that the person has a good student mentality and is hungry to learn. Someone that wants a challenge and an opportunity to grow will definitely get that here.” -Sandy
  • “A person who wants an opportunity that is solely based on them– in other words a hard-working, self-motivated, sharp person.” -Anthony
  • “A driven, motivated person would thrive at The So Cal Group; someone who wants more in life.” -Shane