How would you describe the work culture and environment at The So Cal Group?

  • “The So Cal Group’s company culture is growth obsessed and leadership focused. The management team puts a huge focus on each employee’s personal and professional growth and development. The atmosphere is fun and team oriented.” -Sandy
  • “The culture at The So Cal Group is that of a championship team. We work together to achieve a common goal. It’s much more fun to celebrate a win with a team than it is to celebrate by yourself. Have you seen the team who wins the World Series!?” -Taylor
  • “The So Cal Group team is filled with fun, energetic, growing people. It’s easy to be motivated.” -Mehmet
  • “The work culture and environment is awesome at The So Cal Group! Everyone is so friendly and there for one another. Each person pushes one another to succeed.” -Westin
  • “The culture and environment are super fun; the team is motivated and they have a great learning environment.” -Steven
  • “The atmosphere is very energetic and engaging at The So Cal Group. I feel as if I have a solid support system.” -Julius
  • “At The So Cal Group, it’s all about work AND fun. We work hard here, and also have fun while doing it.” -Darryl

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